The Proven Leader in Leak Detection and Automatic Water Shut Off

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Residential Products

WaterCop protects your home and irreplaceable memories from potential water damage caused by common plumbing leaks and flooding.

Multi-Family Products

WaterCop addressable sensors enable the system to stop leaks in the unit where they originate while not interrupting water use in the others.

Commercial Products

WaterCop’s industrial-grade systems are designed for the scale of commercial buildings and the high demands of their plumbing systems.

How the WaterCop System Works

WaterCop sensors are placed in high-risk locations where 94% of all plumbing leaks occur.


An automatic shut-off valve is installed on the main water line. Once a sensor detects a leak, a signal to close the shut-off valve is sent, quickly stopping the leak from spreading.


The WaterCop control panel displays addressable sensor locations and system status letting you know when and where a leak is detected.


Once the automatic shut-off valve closes, SmartConnect sends a text or email to you and your selected contacts.

Why WaterCop?
Instant water shut off vs. eventual water shut-off

Water damage from plumbing leaks is the leading cause of home insurance claims. 94% of these leaks occur in just a few high-risk locations where WaterCop sensors can be placed. When a WaterCop sensor detects a leak, it instantly sends a signal to close the automatic water shut-off valve, stopping the leak from spreading. Compare this to flow systems that permit destructive leaks to continue until pre-determined levels of daily water usage are surpassed.

WaterCop easily integrates into your security or automation system. With SmartConnect, you receive alerts, notifications and control your system through the WaterCop app.

How can we help you?

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