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The WaterCop® Story

We know firsthand how a small water leak can turn into a major headache and end up causing thousands of dollars in damage to a home. It happened to our founder back in 1998. Out of this disaster was born the WaterCop® leak detection system. 20 years later, WaterCop has become the industry leader and protects thousands of homes and commercial properties across the world with a proven solution that detects leaks and then automatically shuts off the water at the main supply line. It protects your property, investments and personal memories from water damage 24/7 – even when you’re away. At WaterCop, we have the exact system you require to provide you with the peace of mind that you are always protected from water leaks.

Commercial Applications

WaterCop features a complete line of whole-property water detection and automatic shut-off systems that monitor your commercial building, apartment complex or condo 24/7. If there ever is a leak in any potential problem areas such as a restroom, kitchen or a mechanical room with chillers, WaterCop detects the leak and automatically shuts off the main water valve. This ensures that water flow to the building is quickly cutoff before flooding can lead to serious issues such as structural damage or employee injuries that can result in costly lawsuits and insurance claims. Plus, WaterCop is completely customizable to work with your exact plumbing configurations.

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Residential Solutions

Even a small plumbing leak, if left undetected, can become a massive problem since it can lead to catastrophic flooding. The resulting damage to your home, or secondary residence, is only made worse by the permanent destruction of personal items such as photos and other keepsakes. Fully customizable to your exact plumbing application, WaterCop monitors your entire home 24/7. It’s around the clock protection against plumbing leaks where they start, including places like the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, toilet and sink. If a leak is detected, WaterCop automatically turns off your home’s plumbing system whether you’re home or away. It’s the kind of reassurance you need to safeguard your home and irreplaceable property.

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