WaterCop Installer and Homeowner Testimonials

Just an amazing system these guys have. At first while they were rolling through the first group of 52 installations I was being notified on different days by clients that their water was off. My first thoughts were. ‘Oh no, now I’m dealing with false alarms’, but when we checked on all the different alarms those little WaterCop sensors had detected actual water leaks and shut off the water!”
Ed R., Condo Manager in Oregon

“As a WaterCop Installing Dealer, I see first-hand how the extensive line of WaterCop products is helping so many homeowners enjoy the benefits of a truly great system. My customer’s really love their WaterCop systems.”
Bob R., WaterCop Dealership Owner in California

“As a long time WaterCop dealer the WaterCop line now represents approximately 60-70% of my home service segment. The improvements in product reliability and technical support have reduced costs by eliminating return service visits.”
Clay I., WaterCop Dealership Owner in Colorado

“We became a WaterCop Installing Dealer in 2014 and have installed a fair number of WaterCop systems. Our installers find the system user friendly and easy to install. The WaterCop system is an added feature to our business and we are confident recommending and installing this ‘water security’ system in our customers’ homes.”
Gary S., WaterCop Dealership Owner in Kansas

The WaterCop system is truly an innovative and ideal product for our customers.  Home automation is extremely popular and this system allows them to work together. I can count on WaterCop to make their equipment reliable and robust it truly is industrial quality!  We have used other types of leak detection system for over 20 years but we have yet to find one better than the WaterCop system.”
Doug S., WaterCop Dealership Owner in Texas

“We installed our WaterCop system about seven years ago during a complete remodel of our home. Since then it has saved us from two potentially disastrous leaks! Thank you WaterCop and DynaQuip your product is fantastic and your service team is super helpful and friendly.”
Chris O., Palm Beach, FL

“Installed the WaterCop. Not yet needed it but will never be without it! Thanks for great support!
Bradley K., Napili, HI

Our entire community chose to install WaterCop systems to help prevent water damage to all the condos here. We have nothing but great feedback from all the homeowners.”
Doug D., Petoskey, MI

“This system has been great for me. My neighbors had to gut their entire basement due to a stealth leak that went unnoticed. Not me, thanks to WaterCop.”
Mike G., Longmont, CO

“We own and rent seasonal vacation homes on the South Carolina coast. WaterCop has been an essential tool our line of work. Thanks for the great service!”
Peter C., Kiawah, SC

“What a great piece of equipment! WaterCop stopped a flood from a pipe while we were away for the summer. It would have been a freaking disaster. I tell you what. WaterCop just works. PERIOD!”
Jon K., Jupiter Island, FL

“Our new mountain getaway home is not used that much so we decided this would be a wise choice. Compared to the price and hassle of flood clean up (which we had once at another home) this is a no brainer. WaterCop even in a new house just made perfect sense.
Fran M., Lakeside, MT

“WaterCop is A#1 in my book! WaterCop recently saved us from a leaky water line in the kitchen of our weekend home while we were away for the evening. Thank you WaterCop!”
David N., Plymouth, MA

We love having a WaterCop in our home. We travel quite a bit and WaterCop helps us worry less when we are away. We plan to add another one to our new vacation house soon.”
Pam B., Scarborough, NY

“I am singing the praises of WaterCop here! I just love this system. Simple, reliable, durable…success! It saved my home from water disaster TWICE! I want to buy your company! Thank you WaterCop!”
Marion G., Atlanta, GA

“Our condo community’s number one cost enemy is water intrusion. Our Board takes a very aggressive and proactive approach in controlling water damage. Two years ago we decided to install WaterCop systems in all the common areas of our four buildings wherever a source of water leaks was present; i.e. washer machines, ice makers, utility sinks, etc. We also recommended WaterCop systems to all of our owners for installation in their homes.”

WaterCop has detected leaks and saved our owners and our Association from considerable water damage and repair costs.  In the past year three major water loss incidents occurred in private units where WaterCop systems were not yet installed. Had WaterCop been there, the owners and the Association would have saved tens of thousands of dollars in water damage repairs and considerable disruption of lifestyle.”

“Our Board recently mandated that with any remodeling owners must have their unit’s water source reengineered with a WaterCop system installed. They further directed, where feasible to construction, that all condominiums be retrofitted with a WaterCop system to be funded out of the Association’s capital improvement budget.”

It is my opinion, and the opinion of our Board, that if more of our owners had installed WaterCop two years ago that many owners, and the Association, would have been spared from unnecessary and costly water damage repairs. We highly recommend the WaterCop system for controlling water damage to condominiums and townhouses.”
Jim A., General Manager of a Condo Association in Colorado