How It Works


How it Works

WaterCop systems utilize an automatic shut-off valve installed on the water supply line of a home or commercial building. When sensors, installed in high-risk plumbing locations, detect a leak, a signal is instantly sent to the automatic shut-off valve to close the main water line. Water flow is quickly stopped to downstream areas of a home or building, reducing the chance of major flooding. Add WaterCop SmartConnect and the free WaterCop App for system notifications and control anytime, anywhere.

A risk management investment in your business assets – and peace of mind.

Even something as simple as a leaking pipe in a kitchenette or a burst fixture in a seldom monitored restroom can end up causing millions of dollars in water damage. When the WaterCop system detects a leak through its sensor network, it will automatically close your building’s water supply at the valve. You do not need to be present in your office or building.




Perfect for primary residences. Critical for second homes.

When your house falls victim to common plumbing water leakage and catastrophic flooding, you could experience much more than structural and interior damage – your irreplaceable keepsakes can be destroyed in an instant as well. WaterCop monitors your home 24/7, making it an invaluable investment especially for secondary residences, which are typically left unattended for extended periods.



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