WaterCop Leak Stop


WaterCop Leak Stop

The advantage of WaterCop Leak Stop is that it’s a single point leak detection and automatic shut-off system. Now you have the ideal solution that helps stop extensive water damage before it can begin at plumbing points with the most potential for leaks.

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WaterCop Leak Stop detects plumbing leaks at a single location and automatically shuts off the water supply. In addition, Leak Stop notifies a third-party device such as a light, buzzer, relay, auto-dialer, or security/automation system to alert tenants, owners, or building managers that the shut-off has been activated. Leak Stop is an ideal solution for water heaters, recirculation pumps and softeners which become particularly vulnerable to leaks as they age.

  • Monitors selected area 24/7 for accumulating moisture
  • Valve can be controlled independently of water leaks
  • Features brass ball valve
  • Includes electric actuator with two attached moisture sensors
  • Shut-off valve remains closed until it is manually reset
  • Provides signal output to third party devices to notify shut-off

Additional Product Lines

WaterCop Classic Designed for a typical single-family home or vacation residence and offers thorough plumbing leak protection.

WaterCop Pro Advanced leak detection and automatic water shut-off technology.

WaterCop Pro CommercialProvides central monitoring and control for complete leak protection and automatic shutoff in commercial buildings.

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