WaterCop Pro Dual Valve

When there are multiple water supplies to a home, the WaterCop Dual Valve configuration is the ideal solution to meet your exact specifications. Utilizing the same advanced leak detection and automatic water shut-off as the other Pro systems, you can be sure the dual valve solution will stop water damage before it starts whether you’re home or away. This is the exact 24/7 complete peace-of-mind protection you want.

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The WaterCop Pro System adds valuable features like an improved user interface and flexible installation options. WaterCop Pro can be customized to work with any plumbing set-up and is ideal for custom-built or expansive homes, multi-family, condominium or commercial use where combinations of hardwired and wireless sensors communicate with an indoor shut-off valve. WaterCop Pro provides the most complete plumbing leak protection while offering the most flexible installation options and third-party monitoring/security integration.

The WaterCop Pro System can be customized to fit any plumbing configuration.

  • Control panel with visual system status
  • Simple user controls
  • Standard security/home automation systems integration
  • Flexible wiring, mounting and installation options
  • External manual override and audible alarm
  • Fully supervised, addressable low-profile wireless flood sensors
  • Up to 8 (optional) hardwired sensors
  • Valves available in ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1 ¼”; large valves available in 1½” and 4″

Leak Sensors (WPFS1 + WPFS2)

When water contacts a sensor, a wireless signal is sent to the WaterCop Classic shut-off valve installed on the main water supply to close and stop the flow of water to the leak point.

Range Enhancing Repeaters (WPR)

Newly designed signal repeater retransmitts Classic sensor signal to WaterCop Classic shut-off valve.

Leak and Low Temperature Sensor (WPFST)

Helps reduce the chance of frozen water pipes and plumbing leaks that may occur with low temperatures.

Leak and Hi/Low Temperature Sensor (WPFSDT)

Helps reduce the chance of frozen water pipes, plumbing leaks, and excessive moisture damage that may occur with sudden and extreme temperature changes.

Sensor Cord and Probe (WPSC)

Leak sensor cord with probe used for WaterCop Pro hard-wired and wireless sensors.

AC Adapter (WPA)

WaterCop wireless sensor power adaptors allow sensors to operate on 110VAC power.

Connect Cable (CBL50 + CBL100) (192596.025)

Indoor/outdoor cable for WaterCop Pro Large Valve 1 ½” and 2″

12 VDC Relay Kit (RK110VAC)

WaterCop pre-wired relay connects Pro control panel to 120 VAC large valve actuator and provides actuator power.

Additional Product Lines

WaterCop ClassicDesigned for a typical single-family home or vacation residence and offers thorough plumbing leak protection.

WaterCop Leak Stop+ Single point leak detection and automatic shut-off system with audible alarm and smart phone notification capability.

WaterCop Pro CommercialProvides central monitoring and control for complete leak protection and automatic shutoff in commercial buildings.

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