Protecting Your Home’s Value
The High Cost of Home Water Damage – and How You Can Prevent It
August 10th, 2021

It can be one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares: water in your home caused by a burst pipe, a faulty appliance or other plumbing-related issues. Besides the obvious inconveniences to your family, lifestyle and personal belongings, water damage can also have far-reaching effects when it comes to the value of your home. 

Real estate agents and home inspectors indicate that one of the biggest obstacles to selling a property is the lasting presence of water damage that may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye. The lasting effect of unwanted water in your home may manifest itself in the form of structural faults (including cracks in the foundation), unsound walls and floors, and mold issues. Unfortunately, problems can continue even when the existing damage has been mitigated if the source of the damage has not been properly identified or sufficiently repaired. 

Add to these obstacles the fact that water damage often occurs in second homes and vacation properties that are often unattended by their owners and it’s easy to understand how the house you have worked so hard for, and the place where you and your family have spent so many special moments, can suddenly and irreversibly lose its value and may even become a financial burden. 

Helping to protect one of your largest investments. 

The annual cost from water damage to insurance companies is 2.5-billion dollars a year with affected homeowners typically filing a claim of seven thousand dollars or more. Nationally, nearly 37 percent of homeowners indicate they have been substantially impacted by severe home water damage. The challenge is real. What can you do to help protect your home or vacation home? 

“A home or vacation home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make,” says WaterCop President and CEO Rodney Bryan. “That’s why we created WaterCop to help protect that investment – a simple leak detection resource that utilizes an automatic-shut-off valve installed on the water supply line of a home or commercial building. When sensors detect a leak, a signal is sent to the shut-off valve and water flow is quickly stopped to downstream areas reducing the chance of major flooding.”

Bryan adds that when WaterCop detects a potential leak, it will send an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone through a SmartConnect wifi and app interface after taking action to activate the water shut-off valve. Homeowners can also use SmartConnect as a remote control of their WaterCop system. This can be a huge advantage, especially for vacation homeowners who may be hours away from their property.

Think of it as added insurance to help protect the value of your home.

“We’ve heard eye-opening stories from homeowners who have experienced plumbing-related water damage in their homes and besides the costly repairs this may cause, it can also be an emotional issue,” says Bryan. “Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and WaterCop can help to provide a little extra insurance for helping to protect your property against catastrophic water damage.”

If you are a homeowner who has experienced water damage in the past, WaterCop could be a welcome solution to help prevent this challenge from happening to you again. And if you have not experienced the negative effects of water in your home, WaterCop could be an excellent resource for helping to build your peace of mind and a great investment in maintaining your home value. 

For home water damage protection, keep it simple.

Protecting the value of your house begins by having a plan for home leak protection. If you would like to learn more about what WaterCop has to offer, we invite you to explore the details within our website or feel free to contact us at 800-545-3636. For home water damage protection, keep it simple.


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