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Top Signs of Hidden Leaks In Your Home and How to Spot Them

Water damage is a home or building owner’s worst nightmare, and often, the culprits behind this silent menace are hidden leaks. Detecting these leaks early is crucial to prevent structural damage, mold growth, and potential health hazards. Let’s explore the top signs of hidden leaks in your home and provide tips on how to spot them before they become a major issue.

Answers to commonly asked questions about the WaterCop system.

Whether you are a homeowner, building owner, building manager, or business owner, now more than ever it’s important to make every dollar count. That includes protecting your valuable assets. One of the best things you can do is to help safeguard your properties from costly water damage that can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage,

Home Protection Tips for the Coming Year

It won’t be long before the new year is here. As we navigate the autumn weather and beyond, it’s important to maintain what is probably your most important investment – your house. When it comes to protecting your home, water damage should be a major concern. In fact, the average home insurance water damage claim is nearly $12,000. Over 90 percent of home basements experience some form of water damage.

What people are saying about the benefits of WaterCop

For years, the WaterCop team has worked hard to help our customers protect their homes and buildings from costly water damage. We know firsthand how a small water leak can turn into a major headache and end up causing thousands of dollars in repair costs. It happened to our founder back in 1998. Out of this disaster was born the WaterCop leak detection and automatic shutoff system.

Protecting the Insurability of Your Home or Building

The statistics are eye-opening. Approximately 25% of homeowners have experienced water damage from appliance leaks and broken or frozen pipes. Over 95% of basements experience flooding. And nearly every home or building is susceptible to some form of water damage. In addition,

End-of-Summer Tips for Maintaining a Second Home

As summer vacation season is coming to an end, many of these second homeowners will be away from these locations for extended periods. If you are one of them, how can you take measures to ensure your home away from home will be well-maintained, safe, and secure? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Ready for the Future

Home-based technologies will promote automated decision making for everything from the most energy efficient ways to provide heating and cooling, to scheduling and handling package deliveries (drop-shipped by drones), to even monitoring the health and wellbeing of the family residents.

WaterCop Means Business: How we can help to protect your building and bottom line

Two-thirds of the world is covered by it, over 60 percent of the human body is made of it, and many of us head toward it on hot summer days whether it is in the form of a pool or the ocean.

Navigating Higher Costs of Living

From higher gas prices to more expensive groceries, it’s no secret that the cost of living has risen in recent months. If you are like many families, you may be feeling the effects of these increases. While you can’t control the cause of some of these costly issues, there are a few simple and economical things you can do around your home to help make your budget go a bit further.

Prevention Over Restoration

Not to be discounted or forgotten are the talented and hard-working installing dealers and service professionals who are responsible for installing WaterCop and putting it into action. Greg Neurohr, Senior Director of Operations at NW WaterStop Inc.